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Merapi Park Yogyakarta, a World Landmark Miniature Themed Tourist Destination

This popular tourist attraction openend in 2017, which is relatively new compared to other tourist attractions. But the public's high interest can be seen from the visitors who keep coming. Merapi Park management using the The Small World concept for this tourist attraction, which is suitable for photography and social media influencer.

Merapi Park has a variety of rides that are suitable for a vacation spot sith family. The most popular are miniature landmarks from various landmark arround the world, which make many people want to take a picture with it is as the background. The flower garden is neatly arranged with a combination of flower colors that is beautiful and mesmerizing. 3 main areas that are the mainstay, namely Cowboy Town, Kids Waterpark, and the World's Landmark park.

The Cowboy Town area is filled with lush green grasses. There are horses and the visitors can ride these horses and take a aicture with them. Many children are interested in riding horses here. Of course, there are good safety procedures so these kids can safety ride horses and walk arround the cowboy town area.

Also. there is the Kids Waterpark , where this location was built as a special place for children. There is a swimming pool that is not too deep with a slide and bucket of water in the middle of the pool. Many animal statues are decorating the green garden surrounding the pond, which makes it even more appealing. This area also has bathrooms for a shower after swimming an lockers for storing visitor's belonging.

Next is The World Landmark whish is the most favorite among all the spots. As there are variety of world icons from major cities around the world that is available here, it is no wonder that people come to this place.

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